Lula, the symbol of the new Lufra milk campaign

As a leader in the Albanian market of dairy products, Lufra aimed at consolidating its position by clearly communicating their natural and quality products.
On this direction, Lufra’s fresh milk, one of the core products of the company, became the focus of the latest communication campaign, where the emphasis was laid upon its quality and freshness.
With a clear approach and the proper expertise, McCann Tirana conceived the production of a TV commercial, the main focus of which would be the impact on consumer perceptions of the qualities of fresh milk.
Set in a familiar background, the plot creates a link between the puppet Lula and the milk from real cows.
Addressing mainly mothers as decision-makers but also children as influencers, the purpose of the plot remains the visualization of the link between the daily dairy products on our tables and the natural farms that guarantee the quality of Lufra’s products, a bond which is just as strong as the relationship between parents and their children.