Korriku: Brand identity and character

Korriku l.t.d. is one of the largest distributors of fresh flowers in Albania and Kosovo. In order to strengthen its position in a very competitive marketplace, Korriku was looking to create a solid brand identity: a challenging task the client trusted to the capable hands of the agency.
Their request for a graphical presentation of the brand was crystal clear as the new brand needed to be clear, simple, easy to recognise and at the same time a representative of their brand character. The new identity would need to showcase the company’s values clearly, be easily distinguishable from the competitors, be graceful and pleasing to the eye and a consistent symbol.
The basic form of the logo is inspired by the name of the company. Staying true to the origins of the name, building upon hereditary traditions and adding special values, the logo takes on the form of a signature, creating its own personality and at the same time creating a pleasant and friendly impression. Furthermore, the logo is completed visually by a link with organic elements of different forms and colours inspired by Mother Nature. These elements transform the logo in a unique brand, natural, approachable and easy to develop further.