E Jona: Towards identity and representation

E Jona is a bar in Tirana, operating as a social business with a genuine communitarian mission and range of activities. A number of disabled persons are employed at this venue, and a set of activities for vulnerable groups is frequently held.
While initially E Jona’s identity was created ad hoc, it later became obvious to its founders that a more faithful and inspiring branding was necessary. The task was challenging and subtle. The new branding was to be attractive to customers and representative of E Jona’s mission, values and aspirations, thus being harmonized between two realities, commercial and civic.
Identity formulation
This called for a comprehensive analysis of its identity. A variety of tested tools and methods were employed, and obviously, also sheer contemplation and creativity.
The existing branding of E Jona was somewhat about maternal love and caretaking, while E Jona’s attributes spoke about being diverse, inclusive, modest and friendly.
After analyzing and formulating its new identity, other attributes were discovered and/or sought as necessary, including being inviting, inspiring, dynamic and cheerful. The results also shifted E Jona’s brand archetype positioning to a new focus.
New branding
The new logo sought to visually embed the value of togetherness, inclusion, the circle of friends, a warm coffee chat, simplicity and a place for everyone, we focused on collecting the whole symbols in one point.
The point where each and all meet. Yet the logo in its full simplicity, is focused around the circle shape. Its intersecting look alike elements are divided by energetic colors, they are equal and different at the same time. The new branding was complementary to its overall renewed environment and visual style of the premises, allowing for a comprehensive ambiance revamp.
Harmonized communications
After the new identity of E Jona, a Public Relations strategy with detailed actions was designed to complete the cycle of communications. It sought to address the specifics of the reality of a social bar through well-studied PR methodology.