Carrefour in spring colors

With the arrival of spring, Carrefour sought to create a special and attractive atmosphere for all its consumers at TEG and QTU shopping malls.
The promotion aimed to enhance brand image by creating a fresh approach based on originality and creativity. Secondly, the consumers’ incitement for engagement and participation was also very relevant during the March festivities by emphasizing Carrefour’s frequent offers.
The Agency needed to create a new visual style, relevant and sweet simultaneously, closely related to March and its festivities, by staying faithful to Carrefour’s new market positioning. This communication model would be further developed for the POS and digital materials.
The Agency’s creative approach was the creation of a direct and at the same time elegant connection of Carrefour with flowers, the symbol of March festivities and Summer Day. In an original way, the creative used elements from the Carrefour logo as a symbol to create different flower patterns accompanied by dedicated messages which were later used for digital cards (have a look at the full photo album) and also for the video promo.
Aside from the emotional impact, this approach further warmed the hypermarkets’ atmosphere by giving a variety of spring colors, as well as bringing consumer to mind the advantageous offers of the period.