Carrefour: Just like it should be

Carrefour is leaving the empty “price-quality” cacophony of its competitors for a different understanding of the integrated promise of the right shopper experience.
The customer is being shown how Carrefour is re-inventing Euromax and itself with its unique proposition.
Carrefour is inviting the Albanian shopper to build the habit of shopping at their favorite retailer.
Only Carrefour can offer the shopper experience just like it should be:
  - Prices just like they should be: affordable, low low low.
  - Offers just like they should be: attractive, frequent, and convenient.
  - Stores just like they should be: Varied in size, but constant in the quality of the facilities.
  - Customer Service just like it should be: Positive approach to serving you with respect.
The shopping experience at Carrefour with its excellent customer service and upbeat atmosphere will not only give you peace of mind regarding your shopping but also make it a fun start of what’s to come.
The result: More satisfaction in your daily life, and one example of positive change around you.
The TV commercial grasped the essence of the new brand promise delivered in a fun, original, irreverent tone of voice. The production in itself is unusual for the audience, making it easier to catch their attention in ad blocks.


The campaign message was amplified through a Print and OOH campaign (CTL, Billboards, and Bus Stop) in all of the areas, where Carrefour is present with their stores.
Special attention was paid to ensuring that customers experienced the new Carrefour brand promise first-hand, driving traffic to Carrefour hypers and supermarkets.
Consumers were invited through Facebook, radio, and direction communication to participate at the Opening Event of a Carrefour Market in the center of Tirana.
A fun event engaged families with magician tricks inspired by Carrefour products, music, local VIPs, and a lot of Carrefour giveaways.  Playing “The Carrefour Price is Right!” was never as fun as on the day of the event!
The playful consumer engagement continued in all Carrefour market locations with a three-day-long experiential activation. Promo girls gave shoppers a riddle, hinting at a voucher hidden somewhere in the store. The game element delivered an entertainment value and allowed participants to see the store as more than a place of shopping.
The Agency ensured that the brand storytelling was properly communicated to stakeholders with an Official Reception & Press Conference. More than 100 stakeholders – media representatives, business partners, government representatives, and other selected stakeholders – were delivered the re-launch message directly from Marinopoulos S.A. and CMB Albania senior management. The Minister of Agriculture of Albania delivered his own congratulatory speech at the event. The press event generated a good deal of news coverage with 12 in-depth articles in the main broadcast, print, and online media in the country.