Carrefour Albania: Greek Week unfolds Mediterranean taste and cooperation

Carrefour Albania and the Greek Embassy in Tirana sought to develop a comprehensive campaign in the frame of the Greek Week. The latter encompasses the strong bonds between Albania and Greece, with a special emphasis on entrepreneurial cooperation and premium Mediterranean food from Greece.
This projected campaign needed to reach out to customers in Albania and to entrepreneurs from both countries, other public decision makers and diplomatic bodies.
To this end, the task was simplified by addressing the target audience with two separate channels: the first aimed at customers and the second one targeting entrepreneurs, public decision makers and diplomatic bodies from both countries.
A TV commercial, driven by creativity and minimalism, invited customers to discover all Greek products on offer at their local supermarket. This message was strengthened further by print and digital applications.
On the other end, the agency engaged in coordinating the preparatory process between Athens and Tirana for the organizing of “Greek Week - Discover Greek taste in Carrefour”. In cooperation with the Office for Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Greek Embassy in Albania, the launch event was held at Sheraton Hotel in Tirana on April 2nd 2014.
Welcoming speakers at the event included the Ambassador of Greece in Albania, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, and Carrefour Albania Director of Operations. More than 220 high-profile guests attended the event, where representatives of the Albanian government, executives of the Greek companies operating in Albania and Carrefour suppliers had the chance to discuss on strengthening commercial ties between the two countries.
Personalities of art and culture and representatives of other embassies also participated in the event, promoting the cooperation spirit between the two countries. The event also featured a wide range of unique Greek products by Carrefour Albania, part of Marinopoulos Group, the biggest retail chain in Greece.