Amita speaks to the modern Albanian mom

With an established presence in the Albanian market, Amita aimed to build on the brand’s market presence, to increase frequency of consumption among young Albanians and rejuvenate brand image.
The agency was trusted with launching a dedicated corporate campaign targeting the modern mom. The deliverables for this integrated campaign included: the design of the brand strategy, ATL communication, POS activation and several other creative products.
New strategy and positioning 
The challenge for the Amita brand is to remain relevant to the Albanian consumer, and relatable in this ever challenging industry.
The kids growing up in the ‘90s were the last generation of Albanian children to have the privilege of enjoying a truly careless childhood: spending most of the time outside socializing with other kids, playing with their imagination, running home to simply grab a snack and their small juice box and then run back to their friends. Nowadays, these kids are our modern parents, cruising through life with their own families. With modern moms as the main target audience, the approach was to appeal to the memories of a careless childhood with Amita acting as a connection bridge, as a brand and product that has always been and still is with them.
Behind the TVC
“A moment to be tasted” is developed having in mind the modern moms and the special relationship they share with their children. The spot is characterized as esthetically pleasing as all scenes are full of sun and energy, dynamic, well lighted and shot in relaxing locations. At the end, the packshot promotes two new Amita flavors recently launched in the market.
Below, you will find more creative applications for the Amita campaign.