All Eagles Fest: Visual Identity for a music festival

"All Eagles" is essentially a world music festival with a strong drive in promoting diversity within equality. Apart representative music from each country, which stands for the core pillar of the event, it also points out respective cultural aspects from the world. The main idea was to hold a 3-day music event with folk-jazz and interfusions bands with the support of the Ministry of Culture and foreign diplomatic bodies in Tirana.
The festival needed a visual identity, as the concept behind was both inspiring and challenging. To achieve this, McCann Tirana Creative team engaged for several days, and aimed to transforming the predatory nature of the eagle to a peaceful but yet proud emblematic communication for the festival. McCann Tirana developed a logo and poster for the festival.
The eagle is the national symbol of Albania and of many other countries and cultures worldwide. As a bird it stands for one of the nature’s peaking symbolisms that belong to no particular continent, region or country. The eagle knows no real boundaries and its wings unfurled embody that magic material of dreams, poems and epic tales. With the aim of celebrating cultural diversity within equality, this project bears the name “All Eagles”. Visual identity needed to intertwine the concept of the eagle with all these values and imaginations.