The Business Accelerator Program calls for Ideas to Destination

Yunus Social Business Albania is boosting its operations and aimed impact in the country through access to microfinancing of social businesses but also by assisting applicants and aspiring entrepreneurs to improve their entrepreneurial capacities. 
YSB Albania, part of the YSB global network, co-founded by Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus, was seeking to launch its second edition of the Accelerator Program in Albania. The latter is a unique opportunity for young entrepreneurs to develop their personal and leadership skills, to test their business ideas, receive professional education and obtain support for the best projects. 
Strategy and positioning
The challenge of YSB Albania in launching this program was to attract as many better formulated business ideas as possible, to provide a jump in quality compared to the first edition and understandably, enable better social impact from well-delivered future projects. The program needed to convey its values, benefits and future potential for applicants.
As communication partner of the program, McCann Tirana formulated an all-inclusive communication campaign that included in a complementary way Branding, Media, Digital, PR and consultancy. 
“Ideas to Destination” is the brand promise developed by McCann Tirana, with a range of visuals for print and digital. Strategy, attractiveness and efficiency were the main drives in conveying respective deliverables. Rendering of imagery capitalized further the concept of ideas, innovation, inspirations and passion and at the same time, clearly differentiated between the separate industry sections open to applications. 

The Campaign
The media approach was gracefully combined a classical campaign in print with a widely integrated digital campaign. While, the print campaign aimed to brand build and create awareness about the Accelerator Program, the digital campaign was more direct, targeting and pointing the audience to the website, where they could find more information about the program, learn more about events and at the same time, submit their application.
At its conclusion, the campaign counted almost 12,000 visitors and generated more than 50 quality applications, thus achieving one of the main objectives of this campaign.