Meet ABI

The American Bank of Investments (ABI), part of the group managed by NCH Capital, an American investor headquartered in New York with global investments over 3.4 billion dollars in Russia, Eastern Europe and Brazil, was recently established in the Albanian market after the purchase of the Credit Agricole Bank in October 2015.
The goal for this newly established player of the Banking industry was plain and simple: become a significant factor in the Albanian Banking market with competitive and innovative products and services for the customers.
This role is closely linked with the identity and brand positioning and for this process McCann Tirana was selected as the agency to work on a rebranding concept for launching the Bank in the market.
The task at hand was as simple as it was complex. When creating something from scratch, it’s always important to transmit the values and what the Bank stands for. In ABI’s case, the perception the Bank was aiming for was a dynamic, attractive and fresh brand that brings innovative products in the market while the center stage was reserved to the customers’ needs.
The brand device is a geometrical creation using graphic 2 dimensional objects. Colorwise, the logo uses a scheme of primary Sky-Blue and Red Color that are used to convey clarity, trust, passion and energy. The Brand Symbol is derived as byproduct between two offset circles which produce a unique “small letter a”, as such it is a wholly owned and registered trademark device by ABI Bank.
The agency created the identity collateral materials as well and documented the designed materials into one meaningful Brand Manual to help Brand Managers keep the consistency in check while delivering the future communication materials.